Putting Value On Public Choices For Tourism: An Investigation Into Public Preferences For Better Tourism Policy
Author: Umar Daraz Khan

Tourism is globally a growing industry and has a great significance in the countries’ GDP. Tourism and recreation is identified as the dominant potential for this region as well. This research aims to put light on the preferences of tourists concerning the environmental amenities. The study area is Islamabad’s Daman-e-Koh view point and Lakeview Park. The objective of the study is to examine the public choices of environmental amenities available at both sites and to highlight the dominant functions of recreational spots from user’s point of view. A sample of 300 questionnaires was collected from both the sites i.e. 150 from Daman-e-Koh and 150 from Lakeview Park. Simple random sampling technique was used to collect the data. Linear regression model was used for the study. Results revealed that hilly view, trekking, and ‘peacefulness and calmness’ were significantly dominant functions of recreational spots as per user’s preference. Based on the findings of the study, government and policy makers need to focus on developing tourist spot with a hilly view and trekking facilities. Moreover the study found that ‘peacefulness and calmness’ is what tourists value the most for both the places. Supervisor:- Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad

Meta Data

Supervisor: Iftikhar Ahmad

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