Public Vs Private Schools: Analysing Students’ Performance In District Mansehra
Author: Mehwish Khan

Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have made extensive reforms in education sector of the province which results in improvement of public schools quality as well as parents perception against public schools in the province. These reforms resultantly helped in improvement of overall education sector in the province. According to a “Daily times” newspaper report, published on June 6th, 2017, around 151,000 students have been shifted to public school from private school in 2017. This amount was 34,000 in 2016. This research is conducted in district Mansehra to analyse students’ performance, who are currently enrolled in public schools. These includes students who have shifted from private schools to public schools as well as students who are enrolled in public schools from the start of their studies. Students were divided into two groups. Controlled group and experimental group. Controlled groups include students who have been studying in public schools from the start of their studies while experimental group include students who have shifted from private to public schools after completing their primary education and now currently enrolled in public schools. Students’ performance were analysed by recording students grades in previous classes as well as by taking small test consisting of basic conceptual question in mathematics, English, science and general knowledge. Researcher purpose was to analyse whether the students’ performance has improved, declined or remain same after shifting to public schools. This study found that students’ performance have remain same or some of the students’ performance have been improved also. Which shows that public school are performing in competition to private schools and perception that private schools are performing better that public schools are no longer exist in rural areas of district Mansehra. Supervisor:- Dr. Faiz Ur Rehman

Meta Data

Supervisor: Faiz Ur Rehman

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