Pollution Havens Or Factor Endowment A Study Of Agriculture Sector
Author: Asfand Yar Tareen

This paper investigates the pattern of trade for agriculture sector using dataset of 20 countries (developed and developing) from 1980-2011 using decomposition method. This method is helpful in analyzing how different economic factor effect the agriculture sector while “decomposing the impact on pollution into “Scale, Composition and Technique effects”. Scale variable used in analysis is the Agricultural output to its overall agricultural land, Composition comprises of the Capital to Physical labour ratio, and for Technique Research & Development Expenditures in Agriculture sector is used as Proxy. This variable is the key variable to finding the pattern of trade. With high level of Research Expenditures leads to increase in income level hence it will be useful to determine the pattern of trade difference among the developed and developing countries. The papers finds that “Pollution Havens” do determine the pattern of trade but also shows that investment by corporate firms in developing countries are using clean technologies hence reducing the level of pollution in these developing countries in agriculture sector. And with Trade intensity pollution concentration are reduced in the agricultural sector thus is beneficial to the environment. Supervisor:- Dr Rehana Siddiqui

Meta Data

Supervisor: Rehana Siddiqui

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