Political Participation and Economic Disparities in Punjab
Author: Muhammad Waqas

Variations exist in the economic performances of the districts of Punjab. Indicators such as Human Development Index (HDI), District Deprivation Index, and Asset Index Score vary significantly across the districts of Punjab. These economic disparities are explained by variations in the level of political awareness in these districts. Using 2013 data for HDI, political participation, and other variables such as urbanization, industrialization, and road network, the study aims to evaluate a relationship between HDI and the political participation, particularly. It is expected that higher political awareness and the resulting political participation of districts result in greater share of public resources allocated to them and vice versa. Political participation is measured by voter turnout and the number of candidates contesting the elections. The study is based on qualitative research methodology to draw its results. Eventually, it is argued that district disparities can be reduced by increasing the level of political awareness among the masses. Supervisor:- Dr. Karim Khan

Meta Data

Keywords : District disparities, HDI, Political awareness, Political participation, Punjab
Supervisor: Karim Khan

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