Political Economy of US Aid to Pakistan
Author: Mubashir Hassan

Foreign aid is the transfer of funds, capital goods or services from one country to another whose purpose is to serve other nations during any emergency situation or to better their economic condition. This study will focus on the political aspect of US aid to Pakistan. In particular, I am interested in highlighting the donors’ political agenda as far as the foreign aid is concerned. This study examined the political implication of three dictatorial Eras of Pakistan history in which most of the US Aid was sanctioned to Pakistan. This study concluded that the US Aid was directly linked with our GDP growth but this increase in growth was on the cost of our country’s security. Because the US aid given to Pakistan for political consideration not for economic consideration. US decision makers were aware of the fact that political say in south-Asian countries can ensure an effective role play in dissolving unipolarity of the world in their favor and the aid donor mainly pays attention to its own political interest rather than to the needs of the recipient country. Supervisor:- Dr. Karim Khan

Meta Data

Supervisor: Karim Khan

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