Physical Infrastructure and Agriculture Production in Balochistan: A District Level Analysis
Author: Mohammad Nouman

This study aims to investigate the effects of physical infrastructure on agricultural output Balochistan. This impact is being examined at aggregated and disaggregated level. The aggregated level counter the impact of physical infrastructure on total agriculture production and total area under cultivation, while disaggregated analysis examines the impact of physical infrastructure on the production of major crops, fruits, and vegetables. The empirical analysis is based on a panel of six districts over the period of 2008-2017. We estimated the Random effect model. The overall results confirm that physical infrastructure has a positive and significant impact on the agriculture output of Balochistan, i.e., both the aggregated and disaggregated level. Thus to accelerate the agricultural productivity in province the government should invest in the physical infrastructure. Supervisor:- Dr. Faiz Ur Rehman

Meta Data

Keywords : Agriculture Development, Agriculture Production, Physical infrastructure, Roads
Supervisor: Faiz ur Rehman

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