Organizational Socialization Tactics and Their E Proximal and Distal Outcomes-With the Moderating Role of Transformation Leadership Style
Author: Asifa Karamat

The newly hired employees are more important human resource for the workplace continually growth and development. Therefore, it is essential for every modern organization to make sure the training and adjustment of newcomers In Islamabad Pakistan, the decrease in work engagement has been recognized as a substantial problem in public sector of Islamabad and particularly for newly hired employees. Most of the large and reputed organizations and institutions have invested a high amount to facilitate newcomer adjustment. In this research studied the relationship between organizational socialization tactics and newcomer adjustment, and the moderating effect of transformational leadership style on newcomer work engagement by using a sample of 278 public sector newly hired employees. Supervisor:- Fuad Bashir Awan

Meta Data

Supervisor: Fuad Bashir Awan

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