Micro And Macro Determinants Of World Bank Project Performance: A Sector Level Analysis
Author: Amna Shamim

This research work investigates micro, macro and institutional determinants of World Bank development projects, for this purpose data is employed from six sectors from over 5872 World Bank projects evaluated between 1963 and 2016. Logit model incorporates the problem of “boundedness” and is being employed for estimation purpose. Our study suggests that micro determinants have significant impact on project performance and on outcome of project. One important finding is that task team leader’s traits like project surveillance and project evaluation are strongly correlated with outcome of project and in order to spur the chances of more successful projects is to increase the incentives of task team leaders associated with long term projects. The projects related to sectors involved in this study ensue effective outcome ratings. Whereas economic and institutional variables are found to be discursive. Therefore country has to take measures for spurring its GDP growth rate and to control inflation and to make institutions strong enough to enable itself to welcome World Bank project. Decentralization generates the environment of accountability results in improved public service delivery thus strengthen the institutional capability at country level. This study is bold enough to unveil importance of micro and macro aspects to be considered while preparing projects. Supervisor:- Dr. Nazia Bibi

Meta Data

Keywords : Economic Variables, Institutional Variables, Micro Determinants, World Bank Projects
Supervisor: Nazia Bibi

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