Informal Institutions and Bereavement Support: A Case Study of District Nowshera
Author: Muhammad Ibrahim

The study aims to identify role of Informal Institutions in provision of Bereavement Support to bereaving households in the study area. Due to informal institutions community funds were formed whose purpose is to cover the expenses of the bereaving household during the three days mourning period of death incident. Respondent of the study was community head. Community head is a person who is most trustworthy and usually a community elder, whose job is to collect the community’s bereavement fund, keeps the record of the contributors, manages expenses of bereaving households for three days. 76 community heads were being interviewed in this regard through snowball sampling technique. As per economic theory either a household should save prior to such a tragic event or avail an insurance policy, but studies have shown that both options has its own complexities and are unable to provide proper bereavement support. On the other hand this study found that informal institutions play a key role in covering the expenses of the bereaving households during the usual mourning period. Supervisor:- Dr. Anwar Shah

Meta Data

Supervisor: Anwar Shah

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