Implementation Assessment of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Right to Information Act 2013
Author: Umair Khan

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government passed a landmark Right to Information Act (RTIA) in 2013 to implement the constitutional provisions of the ‘right to know’. Like every law, the success of law depends upon actual implementation and not how good the law is on its contents. This study examined the implementation assessment of KP RTIA both from the user and executing agency (i.e. bureaucracy) perspective. Required information came through two mail surveys that interviewed 202 RTI Users and 100 Public Information Officers. Results reveal that while on many parameters, this law is successfully delivering its promise to the citizens of KP, however there are various parameters where implementation is still weak. Among the successful parameters are designated PIOs in every department, satisfaction with the quality of information provided, usefulness of information, good behavior of PIOs, positive perception of public about the law and its utility to reduce corruption and accountability. Whereas weak parameters include almost nil implementation on proactive disclosure, people dissatisfaction with the amount of time it takes to receive information and almost half of requester gets information with help of Information Commission in appeal. In doing so, this study also highlights underlying reasons pertaining to both users and service providers. The user side issues include small percentage of users of this law, rare penalization of PIOs who fails to provide information etc. The PIO side issues include struggle to get requested information within department, lack of support from higher authorities, lack of training and that it’s a responsibility without incentive. We recommend that strong implementation on proactive publication clause of the law, training of PIOs, incentive for PIO, establishment of dedicated section of PIO, awareness campaigns and extension of RTI law to PATA and FATA and strengthening of RTI Commission. Supervisor:- Dr. Junaid Alam Memon

Meta Data

Keywords : Accountability, Bureaucracy, Public Information Officer, RTI, Transparency
Supervisor: Junaid Alam Memon

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