Impact Of Warning Messages On Consumer Buying Behavior Of Twin Cities (Islamabad/rawalpindi)
Author: Khawar Abbas Baloch

One of the best way to inspire the harmless use of possibly unsafe products that are part of the daily life use is to attach a warning label or message along with the product. But do all the users bother to notice those labels? If they do, then why now a days usually we face such incidents which lead us to a greater loss. This qualitative study was conducted based on the behavior of the consumers, that how the warning labels affects their behavior, if they notice warning labels. For this purpose 20 respondents were interviewed irrespective of age and gender and profession. Those interviews were analyzed and in result of that analyzation, it was concluded that 60% of the respondents were curious about these warning labels and they use to check labels of every product, and remaining of 40% were curious but they use to check only on electronics and medicines Supervisor:- Fizzah Khalid Butt

Meta Data

Keywords : Care, Handling, Health and Safety, Precautions, Warning labels, Warnings
Supervisor: Fizzah Khalid Butt

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