Impact Of Teachers’ Training On Students’ Academic Performance And Cognitive Abilities: A Case Study Of District Charsadda
Author: M. Irfan Farrukh

This study is an attempt to analyze the impact of mode of teacher trainings on the academic performance and the cognitive abilities of students at primary level. The basis of teachers’ training in this study is PTC (Primary Teaching Certificate) which can be acquired either by DL (Distance Learning) or by F2F (Face to Face learning). Due to operational, managerial and lack of interaction between the instructor and the student in distance learning, the quality of learning through distance learning has always been questioned. To assess the effect of PTC teachers on students’ academic performance and cognitive abilities, data was collected from 273 grade 5 students from 25 schools (13 DL PTC teachers and 12 F2F PTC teachers) in district Charsadda of Pakistan. Quantitative analysis using OLS regression analysis shows better academic score which is 0.70 SD higher and a better cognitive ability score which is 1.17 SD higher for students with F2F PTC teachers as compared to Students with DL PTC teachers. Supervisor:- Dr. Muhammad Nasir

Meta Data

Keywords : In-Service Training, Performance Evaluation, Teachers Training
Supervisor: Muhammad Nasir

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