Impact of Sales Promotion on Impulsive Buying Behavior
Author: Imran Khalid

The purpose of this research is to study consumer impulsive behavior that how consumer shows his intentions and behave towards sales promotions. Sales promotions techniques influences on consumer up to a very great extent. A self-administered questionnaire is prepared and total of 230 respondents are interviewed with it. Using the SPSS tool, the collected data is analyzed, and also check regression and correlation. It is found that Rebate & Discount offer, Coupon, Loyalty Programs, Price Packs and Contests have significant relationships towards the impulse buying behavior at Islamabad. This study is designed to search about impulsive buying behavior of a rational customer. This study will be conducted specifically in urban area of city. So rural consumer behavior might have fluctuation from this study. Due to resources and time available the respondents will not be in excessive number. This research can help the business societies, retailers and marketing personnel to frame strategies relevant their merchandise. This study highlight the significance of insight on sales promotion and consumer Impulsive buying behavior and their preferred types of sales promotion, which contributes to retail owners’ sales promotional strategies to attract consumers during shopping. Supervisor:- Ms. Fizzah Khalid Butt

Meta Data

Keywords : impulsive buying behavior, Loyalty program, Rebate & discount offer, Sales promotion
Supervisor: Fizzah Khalid Butt

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