Impact of Media Developed Preception towards investment in Stock Market
Author: Syed Zahid Abbas Naqvi

ABSTRACT In these days, media has become the key factor for creating awareness, mobilization of interests, change in thinking process and decision making patterns of the individual. Financial markets are the key indicators of the country’s economic growth, stability and development. Awareness through media regarding the importance of the financial market is the fundamental product for enhancing the investments and securities in stocks. This study determines the impact of media-developed perception towards investment in the stock market. It also examines the demographic, behavioral, and educational role of media along with economic determinants affecting decision making towards investment in stock market. The study also evaluates the level of awareness through media, role of media, stock markets and government for promoting the effectiveness and profitability of the stock markets. Hypothesis of study Media is forth pillar of society, Find out how media can play its vital role towards stock market literacy? Does Media coverage regarding daily stock market performance is enough for investors to get information? How media can create the advertisements for stock market awareness? What’s the perception of our society regarding stock market which is developed by media? How media can become a useful tool to welcome new local and foreigner institutions’ investment in stock market? The conclusion of the study is that the stock market has low interaction with the media. that reason very few peoples of population investment in the stock market. Because they don`t have knowledge about how to invest in the market. Through this study. I found that people want to invest in the stock market but they have no means of information. The purpose of the study finds the gap between the media and the stock market. The purpose of the study is to fulfil the space between media and the stock market. Does Brokers, SECP & PSX Administration playing there important role for stock market literacy along media? The primary data was collected through a well-structured questionnaire from a set of 150 respondents taken by using simple random sampling technique. The data analyzed through a suitable statistical technique and results are presented as the final thesis. Supervisor:- Dr. Saud Ahmad Khan

Meta Data

Keywords : Hypothesis, Media perception, Simple random sampling technique, Stock market investment
Supervisor: Saud Ahmed Khan

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