Impact of HIV/AIDS on Households: Evidence from District Faisalabad
Author: Muhammad Zubair Anwar

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection is spreading with acceleration in Pakistan especially central Punjab. However, this problem has not been given much importance. The purpose of the study was to investigate the Economic Burden of HIV/AIDS on households in district Faisalabad, the direct and indirect cost faced by HIV/AIDS households and their families last month was examined. Multinomial logistic regression and descriptive analysis were used to find out the cost of HIV/AIDS patients. Convenient sampling was used for the data collection with a total sample size of 150 respondents. In this analysis, the interviews of HIV/AIDS conducted the most reputable Allied hospital Faisalabad, which works in collaboration work the Punjab AIDS Control Program and Nai-Zindagi Foundation. The results showed that HIV/AIDS affected households’ daily life. Each factor like district, gender, region, and employment status of the respondent affected by HIV/AIDS. The descriptive analysis showed that the treatment of HIV/AIDS is free of cost, which was provided by the government of Pakistan but mostly patients bearing the non-medical cost and indirect cost. According to the multinomial logistic regression that the total indirect cost imposes a significant impact on both income (15-30k) and (30k and above) categories versus on the probability of reference category. Whereas the non-medical cost imposes an insignificant impact on both income (15-30k) and (30k and above) categories respectively. Supervisor:- Dr. Fatima Sharif Co- supervisor:- Dr. Fazli Hakim Khattak

Meta Data

Keywords : Allied Hospital, Economic burden, FAISALABAD, HIV/AIDS, Pakistan, Patients
Supervisor: Fatima Sharif

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