Impact of Foreign Remittances on Children’s Education in Rural Areas of District Sudhnoti, (AJK).
Author: Masood Ahmed

Migration is very important for developing countries because home country receives remittances for their left behind families. Kashmir is also receiving remittances billions of Dollars. Remittances boost economy, education both are separate institutions. Current study has investigated the impacts of remittances on education. Remittances are an important part of developing countries and then they have uplift remittances which they got from developed countries and also very effective for left behind families education. In this study tried to investigate the major reasons behind international migration from the region and how much remittances they send back home, the migration and remittances associated with schooling and the impact of parental foreign remittances on children’s educational outcomes. Descriptive research design was used in the current study keeping in view the nature of the research questions. Purposive sampling was used for teachers because purposive sampling is one of the most cost-effective and time-effective sampling methods available. Simple random sampling was used for parents and students because it’s ease of use and its accurate representation of the larger population. Qualitative research strategy was used for this study, because I collect primary data for current study. Three type of migrated people I had found in my results one of them who are complete illiterate so their children give them very low results. Second are literate they are giving them positive results and third one who are first move to abroad then along with their family they got best results compare to second. The present study recommends that there should be also do with the method of mixed or quantities from those methods for more reliable results. Supervisor:- Dr. Sarfraz Khan

Meta Data

Keywords : EDUCATION, Kashmir, Migration, REMITTANCES
Supervisor: Sarfraz Khan

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