Impact of Environmental Knowledge and Concern on Green Purchase Intention under the Moderating and Mediating Mechanism
Author: Muhammad Irfan

Consumers have started to realize that their purchasing behavior can cause a huge impact to the environment as there is a worldwide concern on environmental degradation issues such as global warming and pollutions. ―Green” is now in the mainstream of modem businesses. Therefore, being socially responsible by offering green (environmentally friendly) products and services should be the practices of any companies that wish to sustain a competitive advantage in today’s business world. Therefore, this study investigates consumers‘ understanding of environmental knowledge and concern to influence green purchase intention toward under the moderating and mediating mechanism of awareness of brand image and attitude, respectively across major shopping malls in Punjab province, Pakistan. The convenient sampling technique is applied in this study and primary data is collected through adopted and adapted questionnaire for data analysis. Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) has been used to inspect the robustness of data. The finding showed that the environmental knowledge and concern significantly affect attitude and green purchase intention of consumers. The attitude partially mediates the relationship between environmental knowledge, environmental concern with green purchase intention. Furthermore, awareness of brand image is not moderating the relationship between attitude and green purchase intention regarding green products. Thus, practical and theoretical implications are provided for all concerned to stimulate economic, societal and psychological viability of green products across major cities of Pakistan. Supervisor:- Dr. Muhammad Sarmad Co. Supervisor: Dr. Ayaz Ahamd

Meta Data

Keywords : Awareness of Brand Image, Environmental Concern, Environmental Knowledge, Green Products, Green Purchase Intention
Supervisor: Muhammad Sarmad
Cosupervisor: Ayaz Ahamd

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