Impact of Climatic Factors and Adaptation Strategies on Maize Productivity in Pakistan: A Microeconometric Analysis
Author: Sumra Aslam

This Study Is Designed To Explore The Impact Of Climatic Factors And Adaptation Strategies On The Net Farm Revenue Of Maize Growers, By Using The Sample Of 486 Specifically Maize Growing Farm Households Selected From Different Cropping Zones Of Pakistan. Study Has Used Ricardian Cross Sectional Approach And Endogenous Treatment Effect Model To Capture The Impact Of Unobservable Characteristics Which Determine The Decision To Choose An Adaptation Strategy To Avoid Harsh Impacts Of Climate Change. The Empirical Results Suggest That Climate Change Affects Maize Productivity Negatively, And Impacts Of Adaptation To Climate Change Are Found Significant And Positive Which Show Adapters Gain More Net Revenue As Compared To Non-adapters. Supervisor:- Dr. Muhammad Iqbal

Meta Data

Keywords : Climate Change, Maize Crop, Pakistan, Ricardian Approach, Treatment Effect Model
Supervisor: Muhammad Iqbal

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