Impact of Climate Change on Maize Yield in Pakistan: A District Level Analysis
Author: Memoona Gul

The current study examines the yield and acreage responsiveness of maize crop to change in climatic condition using fixed effect model (FE) and Arellano Bond GMM estimation technique respectively. The results are suggestive that maize yield is sensitive to precipitation at vegetative stage in spring and at reproductive stage in autumn season in Pakistan. Yield of the crop is found to be more sensitive to temperature as compared to precipitation. The abrupt changes in weather conditions (weather shocks) adversely affect yield of maize in Pakistan. The results show that own-price of maize crop has significant positive impact on acreage allocation of the crop while prices of substituted crops have negative impact on acreage. Fertilizer prices also effect acreage allocation of maize crop. Change in precipitation at vegetative stage of spring maize has significant positive impact on area allocation while change in temperature at reproductive stage of spring maize have negative impact on acreage. Supervisor:- Dr. Muhammad Iqbal

Meta Data

Keywords : Climate Change, Impact of Climate Change, Pakistan
Supervisor: Muhammad Iqbal

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