Impact Of Celebrity Endorsement On Consumer Buying Behavior: An Islamic Perspective
Author: Arslan Ahmed

Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Consumer Buying Behavior: An Islamic Perspective This learning purposes at investigating the influence of personality endorsement on consumer buying behavior in an Islamic perspective in Islamabad, Pakistan. This study is based on the survey questionnaire of 207 university students of Rawalpindi and Islamabad on their attitude towards purchasing behavior of products endorsed by Islamic celebrities in Pakistan. Different statistical techniques like reliability test, correlation and regression analysis were applied in order to discourse the research questions of the study. The main findings showed that the respondents were more inclined towards the expertise and the credibility of the Islamic endorser rather than the attractiveness factor. The results indicated some statistically significant of purchase intentions due to the expertise and credibility factor and they trust on a celebrity who is well known in terms of his expertise and credibility. More specifically, students like to buy the products or services which are endorsed by the Islamic scholars who possess expertise and known for their credibility. Supervisor:- Khurram Ellahi

Meta Data

Keywords : celebrity, Celebrity endorsement, celebrity endorsementPurchase intention, Consumer buying behavior, Islamic endorsement, Purchase intention
Supervisor: Khurram Ellahi

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