Human Development- Definition, Measurement and Prospects of Humanizing Human Development Index
Author: Huma Kidwai

The concept of Human development is central to many domains of knowledge. Human Development Index (HDI) over the past 28 years has gone through phenomenal changes, yet its definition, measurement and capacity to predict human development are often challenged. I identify that many of these challenges can be overcome if human development is conceptualized on interdisciplinary knowledge. To do so, this study first reviews twenty-six annual Human Development Reports and then appraises knowledge of human development in philosophy, physiology, economics, sociology, literature, psychology, spirituality and religion to propose a definition of human development. Broad dimensions of human development were identified based upon proposed definition and are compared with the existing dimensions of HDI to suggest necessary augmentations. The suggested changes in definition and dimensions would be helpful in determining needed measurements that could be more representative of human development and thus could improve the overall efficacy of HDI. Supervisor:- Dr. Hassan Rasool

Meta Data

Keywords : Human Development, Human Development Defintion, Human Development Index, Measurement
Supervisor: Hassan Rasool

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