Household Awareness and Willingness for Better Solid Waste Management: A Case Study of Quetta
Author: Amjad Khan

Sustainable management of solid waste is a challenging task. Developing countries are consuming significant portion of their budget on Municipal services including waste disposal to tackle problems in proper way so as to conserve environment and human health. However, looking at the scale of the job, government alone cannot find sustainable solution to the problem. Hence households are required to play a role and this study determines willingness to pay and environmental awareness of households for better solid waste management in Quetta city. Contingent Valuation Method (CVM) was used to project household willingness to pay for better management of waste. The stratified random sampling technique was used to get 260 household observations from two union councils including one from Zarghoon and another from Chiltan town. The objective of the study was to examine awareness level that prevailed among households as well as household’s demand for waste collection services. Probit model was applied to estimate determinants of willingness to pay and environmental awareness of households. It was found that about 63% respondents were willing to pay an average amount of Rs 227 per month for proper management of waste. The awareness about the waste problem and its prevention was found to be present in 68% of the total respondents. Education is the most influential factor that determined environmental awareness, which itself is the main factor to influence Maximum willingness to pay for better waste collection services. The percentage of participants those were not willing to pay appeared to be less as compared to the percentage of participants who were willing to pay for better solid waste management. Hence, if the government provides people with better solid waste management services, there is a potential for revenue generation that will lessen the cost of wastess Supervisor Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad

Meta Data

Keywords : Contingent Valuation Method, Environmental awareness, Probit Model, Solid Waste Management, Willingness to Pay
Supervisor: Iftikhar Ahmad

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