Gendered Bodies In Pakistani Commercial Advertisements: A Critical Discourse Analysis
Author: Shah Bukht Fatima

This study is an attempt to explore the representation of the gendered body in Pakistani advertisements. The study has analysed 62 advertisements thematically linked to the depiction of the gendered body. The analysed sample has been chosen from the year 2010-2018 to study contemporary advertisements. Critical Discourse Analysis has been employed to analyse the presence and representation of the gendered body in the endorsements. Major findings point out a biased representation of the gendered bodies where the depictions of the male and female body differ heavily. The female body is typically depicted to be worth her physical beauty, with no or very less agency over itself, while the male body remains less objectified and commodified and is taken more practically. Supervisor: Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Co-supervisor: Fahd Zulfiqar

Meta Data

Keywords : Advertisements, Critical Discourse Analysis, Gendered Body
Supervisor: Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro
Cosupervisor: Fahd Zulfiqar

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