Foreign Direct Investment And Economic Growth: Comparison Of Military Vs Democratic Rules In Pakistan
Author: Shumaila Manzoor

Foreign direct investment is one of the basic sources of funds and investment to the developing economies like Pakistan. It plays principal role in the economic growth of the countries. Unfortunately FDI inflows are lower in the Pakistan as compared to the neighboring countries. Different countries have huge contribution of investment to the economy of Pakistan. Inflow of FDI is considered as a credit entry in the financial balance of payment (BOP) and this have direct positive impact on the BOP. The present study has been devised to explore the determinants of foreign direct investment as which factors explain the variation in FDI in case of Pakistan. The study also compares the flow of FDI in democratic vs. military period. The study spans over a period from 1980- 2015. The existing literature in the study used traditional variables, while the present study focuses on the some new macro variables which affect the growth of the country both positively and negatively. Due to the endogeneity problem two stages least square model is used to determine the association between growth and FDI. Results show both positive and negative relation between them. Supervisor:- Dr. Hassan Muhammad Mohsin

Meta Data

Keywords : 2SLS, Determinants of FDI, Economic Growth, Inflows of FDI
Supervisor: Hassan Muhammad Mohsin

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