Evaluation of Punjab’s Government Schools Monitoring Programme
Author: Shehzad Alam

Technology-based monitoring interventions are commonly used in schools for improving school attendance all over the world including Pakistan. A vast body of literature exists on whether technology-based monitoring interventions are effective in terms of improving school attendance all over the world but this area has been vastly overlooked in the context of Pakistan. The present study fills this gap and seeks to answer the following research questions: to what extent, if at all, has the technology-based monitoring improved school attendance in Punjab, Pakistan. To answer this research questions, the study used students’ attendance data from all the primary and secondary schools of 36 districts of Punjab for years ranging from 2009 to 2017. Ordinary Least Square method was to analyze this data. Results have found a positive effect of the technological-based interventions of the Government of the Punjab on the attendance of the students. Our results suggest that reducing student absentees can be one of the many benefits that Pakistan can reap by adopting policies that implement technology-based monitoring interventions in the education sector of Pakistan. Such intervention should be introduced for improving the education sector of other provinces as well Supervisor:- Dr. Shahid Umer Gondal

Meta Data

Keywords : EDUCATION, Learning outcome, Punjab-Pakistan, School Attendance, Technology-based Interventions
Supervisor: Shahid Umar

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