Estimating cost of illness and factors affecting non-communicable chronic diseases among employees of working age: A Case of Pakistan
Author: Nudrat Sabha

Chronic non-communicable diseases namely: heart, renal, respiratory problems, mental illness, diabetes are increasing in Pakistan. These are recognized as a global health problems which put immense economic consequences on individuals. The aim of the study is to examine the prevalence of NCD’s, socio-economic, socio-demographic, lifestyle and behavioral risk factors associated with non-communicable diseases and the cost attributed to these chronic non-communicable diseases among the employees of working age 15-65 in Pakistan. Data is taken from (PPHS) Pakistan Panel Household Survey for year 2010. It is found that the prevalence of heart disease is the highest i-e. 11.41%. And diabetes and renal account 3.11% & 4.84 % among males in their middle ages 36-56, married and residing in urban areas with high education. In econometric analysis binary logit model and the multinomial logistic regression are applied to estimate most associated factors for non-communicable diseases and for each selected diseases separately for ‘Pakistan. Findings reveals that age is an important factor than gender in the context of NCD’s, and those who have high socio-economic status are more susceptible to have NCD’s. Cost of illness methodology is adopted. Cost estimated by using prevalence based approach and cost estimated for those who are employees of working age 15-65 .Which indicates that the employees have to bear high direct cost and indirect cost attributable to heart, diabetes and renal/kidney. Outcomes also shows that the direct cost is high as compared to indirect cost which put a huge cost burden on employed individuals. Therefore, it is a high time to promote new and effective health strategies to overcome the situation’s before it’s too late to control the burden of chronic non-communicable diseases. Supervisor: Dr. Mahmood Khalid

Meta Data

Keywords : Cost of illness, Non-communicable diseases (NCD’s)
Supervisor: Mahmood Khalid

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