Empowering People with Disabilities for Creating a Better Society in Hunza
Author: Naila Karim

This study aims to examine the importance of Empowering People with Disabilities (PWDs) for creating a Better Society in Hunza. The main objectives of this research are to explore the ways through which PWDs are empowered in Hunza. Moreover, it examines the changes experienced by differently-abled people due to their empowerment and to explore how empowerment of PWDs contributes to creation of better society. This research is qualitative in nature and based on descriptive research design. Data has been collected through semi-structured interviews. The target population from where the sample was selected were the people with various types of disabilities, family members of PWDs and officials of an NGO known to be Karakoram Area Development Organization (KADO) that is currently working for PWDs in Hunza. The sample was selected using purposive sampling and some cases were also recruited through snowball sampling. Furthermore, thematic analysis was utilized to analyze the data. The previous literature and findings of this study indicates that traditionally PWDs experienced discrimination and seclusion in almost all domains of life and still such people facing disparities in various parts of the globe. However, the results of this study indicates that the situation of PWDs in Hunza is significantly improved and somewhat different, as they have relatively better position in society as compared to others, in the sense that these people are able to earn their living by themselves and have increased participation and integration in society. This means that these people are socially and economically empowered. Moreover, the significance of empowering PWDs is evident from the findings and fact that there is no single beggar in Hunza valley. The credit for improving the lives of PWDs goes to the community organization KADO and of course the families of PWDs and community which is very receptive, supportive and accepts change. Supervisor:- Dr. Muhammad Jehangir Khan

Meta Data

Keywords : Differently-abled, Disability, Empowerment, Hunza, People with disabilities
Supervisor: Muhammad Jehangir Khan

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