Economic Valuation of the Recreational Services: A Case Study of Lal Suhanra National Park, Bahawalpur
Author: Muhammad Ahmad Hassan

In the last few years, a big problem challenging by Environmental Economists is the difficulty facing in giving economic value to environmental resources and some other public goods such as National Parks, Lakes, forests and all recreational sites because it is difficult to value non-market goods. This study is a case study of Lal Suhanra National Park (LNP) that is located 36 kilometres away from District Bahawalpur. The basic purpose of this study is the economic valuation of the recreational services provided by the Lal Suhanra National Park and to find out what are the factors that will affect the visitor’s willingness to pay for the improvements and if these improvements take place either the number of visits will increase in future or not. The results of the study reveal that the total recreational value of the Lal Suhanra National Park is (202,500,000 PKR.) or (200 PKR. Million) per year, and the results also reveal that there will be more visits by the visitors if they found the demanded improvements taken place in the park, through this our total recreational value increased after improvements number of visits increases and recreational value estimated is (318,000,000 PKR.) or (318 PKR. Million) per year. The results of this study concluded that various factors influence the visitor’s willingness to pay for improvements such as distance, household size, total travel cost, quality of the park, income, education, and recreational improvements. Supervisor:- Dr. Rehana Siddiqui

Meta Data

Supervisor: Rehana Siddiqui

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