Dividend Policy and Corporate Governance of Financial Sector
Author: Muhammad Nadeem Iqbal

The research study investigates the impact of corporate governance on the dividend policy of banks in Pakistan. The increased incidence of bank failure in the recent period generated the current debate on disclosure of financial information and transparency to the different users, as results of appraising good governance in banks. This study use secondary data in ensuring that data obtained are sufficient for a rational conclusion. The secondary data obtained from the annual financial statement of the banks for a period of seven 2006-2012 accounting year are used in analyzing the financial ratios and corporate governance mechanism for the study. The pooled dummy variable analysis estimation technique is used in this study. The study concludes that corporate governance significantly contributes to positive association with the dividend policy in the banking sector. It therefore recommends that corporate governance codes should be adapted to meet the need of Pakistani business environment. Supervisor:- Dr. Arshad Hassan

Meta Data

Supervisor: Arshad Hassan

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