Determinants of Parents School Choices for Primary School Education in Selected Districts of Punjab
Author: Haider Ali

Primary education of the children is a serious matter for the parents. in current times, while the educational competition has increased significantly, parents make their decisions about the early education of their children after making the assessment of many social and economic determinants. As, primary education provides a base for the children, so, the process of making school choices means a lot to them. In this study, it is investigated that how the parent’s choices vary from rural to urban areas about public or private school. Current study shows that social economic factors of parents and related to school play a key role in the determination process, While quality of the school ensures that how right they are in decision making and are they getting the expected returns from the school or not. The study is conducted in the selected districts of the Punjab, Rahim Yar Khan, Bahawalpur, Sialkot, Chakwal and capital city Islamabad. The results showed that parents choices vary with the change of the locale between public and private sector and how different factors determine their process of school choice. Supervisor:- Dr. Khurrum S. Mughal Co-supervisor:- Dr. Ayaz Ahmed

Meta Data

Keywords : Primary Education, Punjab-Pakistan, School Education
Supervisor: Khurram S. Mughal
Cosupervisor: Ayaz Ahmed

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