Determinants of Foreign Investment in Pakistan
Author: Safi Ullah

In the era of globalization, economies are more concerned about the capital flows. Currently the target is not only retaining the domestic capital but also attracting the foreign investors to inject capital in the host country. Not only the country level policies but also firm level policies determine the flow of foreign investment. Policy makers are of great concern about attracting foreign investment in the country. This study has discussed the macroeconomic and company specific factors important in determining the foreign Investment to Pakistan. Time series data is used for country level determinants and panel data of 100 listed non-financial companies are selected on the bases of market capitalization for the period of 2005-2015. Results found that, performance of stock market and liquidity of country significantly affect the FPI in Pakistan. Size of the firm, financial leverage, dividend yield and global depositary receipts influence the foreign investments at firm level. The study suggests that, policy makers at both country and firm level should take steps to create investor friendly environment to attract foreign investment. Supervisor:- Dr. Arshad Hasan

Meta Data

Keywords : FDI, FII, Firm level determinants, Foreign investment, FPI, Pakistan
Supervisor: Arshad Hassan

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