Customer Experience, Satisfaction And Delight:A Study Of Khunjrab National Park, Gilgit
Author: Shakeel Ahmed

In marketing the notion that winning customer loyalty, satisfaction and delight are crucial for any business. Responding to the need of studies covering the interplay between customer experience and emotions within the particular facets of the hospitality industry. This research is a suggested model to examine encounter and its impact on their glee, fulfillment and loyalty in Khunjrab National Park. Based on systematic random sampling, a sample of 250 visitors at Khunjrab national park was selected. Data was subjected to SPSS Model 20 M. To test the hypothesis from H1 to H 9 through regression analysis, data revealed that all hypotheses were accepted, result shows that physical environment, interaction with staff and with other customers has a significant impact on customer delight, satisfaction and loyalty. In a nutshell it is proposed that the management shall pay attention to maintain better physical environment, take care of their human resources and manage customers’ expectations in order to ensure that customers get utmost satisfaction. Supervisor:- Dr.Hassan Rasool

Meta Data

Supervisor: Hassan Rasool

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