Cost Of Healthcare Delivery In District Jhelum Valley
Author: Quratul Ain


A health system can be defined as the systemic organization of speciliazed and capable individuals, relevant and resourceful departments and financial capital that provide the required healthcare services to individuals and communities. This study assessed the healthcare expenditures in the form of out-of-pocket spendings experienced by the people in District Jhelum Valley (JV). In this cross-sectional study, total sample size was 180 randomly selected patients for whom a questionnaire was designed with modifications adopted from Household Integrated Economic Survey (HIES). Main research question for this study is What are the costs of healthcare services paid by the people of Jhelum Vaelley and how that affects their access to available healthcare services in the district? Whereas Secondary data was obtained from the government budget sheets and other relevant documents. The study concluded that out-of-pocket payments are higher in the Jhelum valley because of the unavailability and high prices of essential medicines, food and transportation services. The study recommends construction of new as well as operationalization of the existing healthcare facilities by addressing the issues of governance, management, accessibility, demand and supply, and human as well as financial resources in order to promote health of the people of Jhelum Valley and The absence of a comprehensive, timely, accurate, and operational health information system. Inadequate DHIS implementation. Deciding based on a small amount of information. Medical technologies and drugs that are necessary A steady supply of high-quality vital medications for healthcare facilities and outreach workers is scarce. Drug regulation must be strengthened to ensure the quality of medicines obtained. Whereas access in equity and utilization of health facilities shall be improved through increase in overall District budget of health. In social Health Insurance Program (Sehat Sahaulat Card) shall be launched in AJK particularly in Jhelum valley District.

Meta Data

Supervisor: Fazli Hakim Khattak

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