Channels and Lags in Effects of Monetary Policy’s Transmission Mechanism: A Case of Pakistan
Author: Sajawal Khan.

The growth of agriculture is influenced by three major factors, i.e., inputs intensification, total factor productivity (TFP) improvement and correcting technical institutional changes (Rosegrant and Evenson, 1993; Ahmad, 2003). The potential of growth in agriculture through greater use of inputs is limited mainly because of deteriorating land and water resources. Therefore, there is a need to conserve these two basic resources of production (Ahmad, 2003). The major drivers of TFP are research and development, provision of infrastructure like roads, electricity, education and extension and agriculture credit. The provision of these factors in rural areas is also deteriorating since early 1990‘s due to financial constraints.

Meta Data

Keywords : Impacts of Monetary Policy on GDP Growth, Impacts of Monetary Policy on Inflation, MONETARY POLICY, Monetary Policy Lags, Monetary Policy Mechanism, Monetary Policy Stance, Monetary Policy's Transmission, Pakistan
Supervisor: Abdul Qayyum
Cosupervisor: Fazal Hussain

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