Challenges for Transgender in Advertisement Industry
Author: Hina Jaffer

Transgender community in Pakistan is struggling to bear a reasonable life in territories of Pakistan. With no access to jobs and usually adding efforts to receive basic rights in the community. Trans community has been associated with professions which are considered to be profane in Pakistan however the growth of media industry and boom of Television channels could have promised them a job sector. This study has looked into the factors that are hindering the entrance or growth of a transgender in advertisement industry. To the purpose of this research, interviews from transgender were conducted from different areas of twin cities of Pakistan. Based on the answers of the participants, different hurdles like social acceptance, family and jealousy are being highlighted. Supervisor:- Khurram Ellahi

Meta Data

Keywords : Advertisement industry, Challenges, Hijra, Hurdles, TRANSGENDER
Supervisor: Khurram Ellahi

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