Benefits Of The Metro Bus Service (MBS) In Rawalpindi/Islamabad
Author: Muhammad Waqar Ali Shafqat

Transport problems are emerging with the rapid population growth in big cities of Pakistan. Punjab government has taken different initiatives and came up with the idea of Metro Bus Service to reduce the transport related problems in these cities. In this study, we have estimated the benefits gained by the users of MBS and entrepreneurs doing businesses along the track of MBS in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The analysis showed that MBS has resulted in expenditure and time saving of the commuters and impact the leisure activity and productivity of commuters. The benefits of entrepreneur include increase in business activity, employment generation and higher profits for the entrepreneurs. Supervisor:- Dr Idrees Khawaja

Meta Data

Keywords : METRO BUS SYSTEM, Metro Bus System-Rawalpindi
Supervisor: Muhammad Idrees Khawaja

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