Availability of Career Counseling In Pakistan: A Case Study of Quaid-E- Azam University, Islamabad
Author: Zahra Akbar

This study examine the availability of career counseling in the education institutes of Pakistan and find factors, those influence students in career opting decision. This study presents perception of students on various aspects i.e. regarding the need, importance and provision of career counseling in the educational institutes. This study also assesses perceptions for various aspects across gender, region, schooling type, provinces etc. This study used primary data by conducting survey in QAU, Islamabad. Self-administered closed ended questionnaire directed to 366 students of different departments of QAU, using simple random sampling techniques. This study indicates that, students are not satisfied with informal career counseling they have received. According to the field survey, 70% of students have not received any kind of career counseling in educational institutes. 30% of respondents received career counseling in practice of guidance or by seminars. According to field survey, 96% of respondents, there is lack of availability of proper mechanism of career counseling. Schooling type and regional background of students have not major impact on provision of career counseling. Mostly students influenced by their parent while career opting decisions. Mainly students faced gender stereotyping in career decisionmaking and opting process. Moreover, culture and socio-economic background of students are also major influencing factor in career decision-making and opting process. Many respondents not pursued degrees as per their aspirations because of two major reasons; firstly, lack of proper knowledge, secondly lack of career counseling. Mostly respondents were not satisfied with the school and college teacher’s guidance and informal career counseling they have received. Career counseling is very importance in student’s life and there is need of formal career counseling. Issue of lack of career counseling can be resolve through the policy level approaches. Extensive range of public policies for CC can assist student’s in getting appropriate career which increase the satisfaction level of student’s which is indications to high productivity and sustainable development of nation as well. Supervisor:- Dr. Usman Ahmad Co-supervisor:- Hafiz Hanzla Jalil

Meta Data

Supervisor: Usman Ahmad
Cosupervisor: Hafiz Hanzla Jalil

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