Authoritarian Regimes’ and Economic Development
Author: Saima Batool

The study has been carried out to check the impact of Authoritarian regime on economic development. Authoritarian regime is defined as a system of governance in which concentration of power lies within few hands and usually they face little constraints. In order to safeguard their tenure and to remain in power for a longer period of time dictator allocates fewer resources to education, health care etc. To measure the negative impact of dictatorship we run OLS regression. Therefore, the present study aims at empirically estimate the hypothesis that states that dictators negatively affect economic development. As a result, it leads to bad economic policies and spend less on people’s welfares such as education and health i.e. provision of public goods such as public schooling, health services, safe drinking water, and public sanitation. We use Human Development Index as an indicator of Economic Development. By employing OLS regression we conclude that dictatorship has a negative significant impact on economic development in cross-country setting Supervisor:- Dr. Karim Khan

Meta Data

Supervisor: Karim Khan

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