Assessing The Post Conflict Socioeconomic Impact On Local Community: A Case Study Of Swat Valley, Kp, Pakistan
Author: Yousaf Shah

This study has been aimed to know the post conflict scenario in Swat valley. For this purpose, a sample of 199 respondents was selected from six major areas of the Swat valley. These areas include Tehsil Kabal, Babozai, Shamozai, Matta, Khwazakhela, and the district headquarters Swat. A detailed pre tested questionnaire, has been designed to collect data on various aspects of the terror conflict in the Swat region. The study feature both descriptive analysis and regression analysis, based on the survey data. Stud assessed both direct and indirect costs of the conflict in the Swat valley. The most noticeable results include a considerable surge in prices of food items, a decrease in monthly earnings of those who suffered direct losses from the conflict and negative tendencies emerging in the households regarding female conventional education. On the positive side, Study have found that availability of basic necesicities have been improved after the conflict and same is the case with road and market accessibility. Similarly, restrictions on all types of media are abolished (informally because they never existed) and now all types of media is available to the masses. Based on these findings and many more (documented in the theses), Study recommend that the government should ensure speedy justice to the public, should invest in education and then provide fruitful opportunities to the young. Moreover, female education should be subsidized/encouraged or made mandatory and media should be kept under the naked eyes so that only positives are achieved from the greater accessibility to the media. Supervisor:- Dr.Usman Mustafa

Meta Data

Supervisor: Usman Mustafa

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