Analysis Of Healthcare Delivery Services In Government Hospitals Of Jamshoro District
Author: Aneela Paras

Access to health services is one of the fundamental rights of the citizen and one of the duties of a state. Health services are provided by the state as well as the private sector. The study was conducted to understand the determinants of satisfaction of subscribers of public health facilities and the private sector was used as a controlled group against which the public sector satisfaction parameters were compared. Primary Data was collected and Thematic analysis was used .The study found that most subscribers of the public sector based their satisfaction primarily on cost, and went for curative care. Reasons behind these were the lack of awareness, low incomes, and low socioeconomic status. On the other hand private sector subscribers based their satisfaction on quick service, doctors‟ attentions and behaviors, cleanliness and engagement. The subscribers of private health care delivery systems were found to be less concerned about cost. It was found that the public sector lacked competitiveness and the hospital management had no stake in the performance of the hospital. This lack of competitiveness has resulted in efficient. There were low quality health services. The private sector however, was found to be more efficient. It had to compete and also retain customers. Based on these findings policy recommendations are given Supervisor:- Fida Muhammad Khan

Meta Data

Supervisor: Fida Muhammad Khan

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