An Analysis of the Factors Affecting Employees Retention in the Telecom Sector of Pakistan
Author: Afshan Afsar

The current study was aimed at finding out impact of the variables: Organizational Culture, Compensation and Training & Development on Workforce Retention. Data was collected from 117 individuals of both genders of different ages working as employees at various organizational hierarchical levels in the telecom sector in Islamabad. Workforce retention has a positive correlation with organizational culture with Pearson Correlation value of 0.568 – this relationship is significant. Compensation has the highest correlation of .945 with workforce retention meaning that it is the factor that allowed for the highest impact on retention of workforce in the telecom sector employees in Islamabad. Training & development has a relatively higher correlation with workforce retention as compared to organizational culture but lower than that of compensation with a Pearson Correlation value of .854 – this relationship is also significant. From the individual variable regression analysis, compensation has the highest impact on workforce retention with an R-square value of 0.893, the second most important factor in the views of employees of the telecom sector in Islamabad to impact workforce retention is training & Development with Rsquare value of 0.730, the least among the three variables to have an impact on workforce retention is the organizational culture with R-square value of 0.323. To find out a collective impact, Organizational Culture had a non-significant and negative impact on workforce retention with beta values and p-value being -0.028 and -0.588 respectively. It can also be concluded this way that organizational culture causes employee turnover in telecom sector organizations in Islamabad. All three hypothesis of the study were accepted that all the three independent variables Organizational Culture, Compensation and Training & Development have a significant impact on Workforce Retention. Supervisor:- Dr. Muhammad Majid Mahmood Bagram

Meta Data

Keywords : Compensation, Organizational Culture, Telecom Sector, Training & Development, Workforce Retention
Supervisor: Muhammad Majid Mahmood Bagram

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