A Systematic Review Of Civil Service Reforms Recruitment And Selection Policy Recommendation
Author: Komal Rani


It evaluates the recruitment and selection process of civil servants currently in place in light of the New Public Management reform that was implemented in late 1970s throughout several nations including Pakistan (Arif & Najam us, 2003). Researchers from several fields have recommended recruiting and selection reforms as an appropriate procedure for the civil service to hire the right person in the right location in addition to organizational effectiveness and efficiency. There isn’t a systematic review of the growth in academic literature, despite the significance of recruiting and selection for all civil services. This research fills this gap in knowledge by reviewing the papers from 2000 to 2022 using an analysis method. In order to conduct a literature search, a research string was created using Boolean operators. Only 60 articles were found to meet the inclusion requirements after the initial screening. These articles have undergone a thorough analysis and they offer policy suggestions to strengthen the framework. The study makes helpful policy suggestions and reform initiatives to move the system in this direction. It provides a structure and operational procedures for the hiring of civil personnel. Most civil service reforms (Truxillo et al.) over the past two decades have been linked to democratic movements and attempts at economic change. In order to assist academics addressing these problems in creating a more comprehensive body of knowledge with significant consequences for theory and practice and this review identifies important unanswered questions that require further research. It also makes a number of recommendations. It is believed that the study’s findings will be extremely beneficial for both the management of the civil service particularly and the entire private and public sectors generally.

Meta Data

Keywords : best practices, Civil Service Reforms, CSS Exam, Performance Management, Recruitment and Selection practices
Supervisor: Hassan Rasool

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