Exchange Rate Pass-through To Consumer Prices In Pakistan:does Misalignment Matter?
By:Atif Ali Jaffri
Supervisor: Rehana Siddiqui
Balance Of Payments, Real Vs Monetary Phenomenon In Case Of Pakistan
By:Irem Batool
Supervisor: A. R. Kemal
Measuring The Effects Of Public Expenditures And Macroeconomic Uncertainty On Private Investment: The Case Of Pakistan
By:Imtiaz Ahmad
Supervisor: Faiz Bilquees
Debt Sustainability and Dynamics in Pakistan Theory and Evidence
By:Tahir Mahmood
Supervisor: Athar Maqsood Ahmed
Three Essays on Monetary Policy in Pakistan
By:Wasim Shahid Malik
Supervisor: Athar Maqsood Ahmed
Sensitivity and Simulation Analysis of Granger Causality: An Empirical Investigation
By:Zahid Asghar
Supervisor: Asad Zaman
The Impact of External Indebtedness on the Growth and Poverty in Pakistan
By:Babar Shahzad Dogar
Supervisor: Eatzaz Ahmed
Testing The Monetary Approach To Exchange Rate Determination: The Case Of Pakistan
By:Muhammad Arshad Khan
Supervisor: Abdul Qayyum
Resource Allocation among Consumption, Labour Supply, Human Capital, Social Capital and Religious Human Capital: Theory and Empirical Analysis
By:Syed Akhter Hussain Shah
Supervisor: Eatzaz Ahmed
Exchange Market Pressure and Monetary Policy: Pakistan’s Experience
By:M. Idrees Khawaja
Supervisor: Musleh ud Din