Willingness to Pay

Availability, Accessibility and Satisfaction with Public Toilets in Metropolitan City Islamabad
By:Muhammad Mehran Latif
Supervisor: Iftikhar Ahmad
An Evaluation of Ground Water Pollution Risks on Child Health: A Case Study of Inhabitants of Manka Drain, D. G. Khan, Punjab, Pakistan
By:Fatima GuIzar
Supervisor: Usman Mustafa
Willingness to Pay for Health Insurance and Factors Affecting Demand for Health Insurance: A Case Study
By:Kashif Habeeb
Supervisor: Saqlain Raza
Household Awareness and Willingness for Better Solid Waste Management: A Case Study of Quetta
By:Amjad Khan
Supervisor: Iftikhar Ahmad
Willingness To Pay For Improvements In Water Quality And Services: A Case Study Of Multan City
By:Junaid Ishaq
Supervisor: Junaid Alam Memon