Economics Of Migration In Pakistan: Micro And Macro Analysis
By:Noureen Fatima
Supervisor: Abdul Jalil
Role of Remittances in Consumption Smoothing: The Case Study of South Asia
By:Mohsin Rasheed
Supervisor: Nazia Bibi
Impact of Remittances on Economic Growth and Poverty Alleviation in Pakistan
By:Saleem Dilawar
Supervisor: Ayaz Ahmad
Remittances and its impact on agricultural productivity of Pakistan
By:Mariam Afzal
Supervisor: Muhammad Jehangir Khan
Analysis of Oil prices Workers Remittances and Financial Development
By:Muhammad Mujtaba Alvi
Supervisor: Hassan Muhammad Mohsin
Impact of Foreign Remittances on Children’s Education in Rural Areas of District Sudhnoti, (AJK).
By:Masood Ahmed
Supervisor: Sarfraz Khan
Remittances, Inflation and Economic Growth: A Case Study of Pakistan
By:Seyyda Taskeen Abbas Naqvi
Supervisor: Ghulam Muhammad Arif
Remittances, Economic Growh, Inequality And Poverty: An Exploration Of The Linkages For Developing Asia
By:Waqar Ahmed Qamar
Supervisor: Sajid Amin Javed
Remittances, Financial Inclusion and Poverty Linkages : An Empirical Study from Pakistan
By:Muhammad Salman
Supervisor: Attiya Yasmin Javid
Impact of Remittances on Household Welfare in Pakistan
By:Mehtab Habib
Supervisor: Shujaat Farooq
Consumption Pattern of Pakistani households: Evidence from Pakistan Panel Household survey 2010
By:Asma Shahzadi
Supervisor: Ghulam Muhammad Arif
Oil Prices and Workers Remittances in Pakistan: An Empirical Analysis
By:Syed Hasan Ali Naqvi
Supervisor: Hassan Muhammad Mohsin