Fiscal Policy

Impact of Fiscal and Monetary Policy Interactions on Stock Market: Evidence from Pakistan
By:Komal Abbasi
Supervisor: Hafsa Hina
Impact Of IMF Loans On Fiscal Policy Structure: Empirical Evidence From Pakistan
By:Atiqa Khan
Supervisor: Miraj ul Haq
State Dependent Fiscal Multipliers:a Case Study of Pakistan Economy
By:Sajjad Ali
Supervisor: Mahmood Khalid
The Relative Impact of Fiscal and Monetary Policy on Growth in case of Pakistan
Supervisor: Hassan Muhammad Mohsin
The Relative Effectiveness of Monetary and Fiscal Policy on Macroeconomic Stability
By:Muhammad Junaid Nasrullah
Supervisor: Wasim Shahid Malik
Macroeconomic Effects of Fiscal Policy: A Case Study of Pakistan
By:Asmat Khan
Supervisor: Mahmood Khalid
Regime Switches in Pakistan's Fiscal Policy: Markov-Switching VAR Approach
By:Wajid Ali
Supervisor: Abdul Sattar
The Macroeconomic Consequences of Volatile Discretionary Fiscal Policy: A Panel Analysis
By:Muhsin Ali
Supervisor: Nasir Iqbal
Does Fiscal Policy Matter?: Evidence for Pakistan
By:Mahmood Khalid
Supervisor: Eatzaz Ahmed
Institutions, Fiscal Policy and Economic Growth
By:Saima Nawaz
Supervisor: Musleh ud Din