Developing Countries

Impact of Investment & Government Spending Volatility on Economic Growth: A Panel Data Analysis of OECD and Developing Countries
By:Wali Ullah
Supervisor: Muhammad Jehangir Khan
The Effect of Financial Development on Income Inequality An Empirical Study of Developing Countries
By:Hafiza Sadaf Zahra
Supervisor: Saud Ahmed Khan
The Economics of Terrorism and Institutions: Insight from Developing Countries
By:Farhat Rasul
Supervisor: Nasir Iqbal
Impact of Globalization on Fiscal Instability in South Asian Developing Countries
By:Romina Maryum
Supervisor: Usman Mustafa
The Analysis Of Ecological Efficiency And Its Influencing Factors In Developing Countries
By:Hina Irshad
Supervisor: Anwar Hussain
Impact of Culture on Sovereign Credit Ratings: Evidence from Developed and Developing Countries
By:Saad Mahmood
Supervisor: Shujaat Farooq
Privatization And Its Impact On Growth At Micro And Macro Level In Developing Countries
By:Aimen Tayyab
Supervisor: Attiya Yasmin Javid