Evaluating the Impact of Financial Stability and Monetary Stability on Economic Growth: Evidence from Pakistan
By:Malik Adeel Ur Rahman
Supervisor: Saud Ahmed Khan
ARDL Model as a Remedy for Spurious Regression: Problems, Performance and Prospects
By:Ghulam Ghouse
Supervisor: Saud Ahmed Khan
Political Instability and Private Investment, Time Series Analysis in Case of Pakistan
By:Jawad Ahmed Qureshi
Supervisor: Karim Khan
The Effect of International Financial Integration on Financial Contagion: A Case Study of Pakistan
By:Jamshed Ahmed
Supervisor: Saud Ahmed Khan
Determinants of Nominal Exchange Rate for Asian Lower Middle Income Countries: Forecast Based Comparison of Classical and Bayesian Estimators
By:Zainab Rahim
Supervisor: Atiq Ur Rahman
Impact of Social and Macroeconomic Uncertainty on Private Savings in Pakistan
By:Filzia Behnosh
Supervisor: Saud Ahmed Khan
Modelling the Shadow Economy and its Dynamics: In Case of Pakistan
By:Sumeet Ashok
Supervisor: Ahsan ul Haq Satti
An Empirical Analysis of Passenger Rail Demand in Pakistan
By:Altaf Hussain
Supervisor: Saqlain Raza
Remittances, Financial Inclusion and Poverty Linkages : An Empirical Study from Pakistan
By:Muhammad Salman
Supervisor: Attiya Yasmin Javid
An Empirical Analysis of Rail Freight Demand in Pakistan
By:Muhammad Afzal Khan
Supervisor: Saqlain Raza